Discovering the Best App to Learn Norwegian Language

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the captivating world of the Norwegian language? Whether you’re planning a trip to Norway, exploring your Scandinavian roots, or simply embracing the beauty of this …

best app to learn norwegian

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the captivating world of the Norwegian language? Whether you’re planning a trip to Norway, exploring your Scandinavian roots, or simply embracing the beauty of this unique language, having the right language learning app can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll unveil the best app to learn Norwegian, guiding you through a delightful language learning experience. Get ready to dive into the fjords of Norwegian language mastery!

What Is Norwegian?

Norwegian is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway. It is one of the official languages of Norway, along with Sami. Norwegian is also widely spoken in certain regions of neighboring countries like Sweden and Denmark. With approximately 5 million native speakers, Norwegian holds great significance in the cultural, economic, and educational spheres of Norway.

Norwegian has several dialects, with the two major written forms being Bokmål and Nynorsk. Bokmål, which translates to “book language,” is derived from Danish and is the more widely used written standard. Nynorsk, meaning “new Norwegian,” is based on traditional rural dialects and is promoted as a way to preserve Norway’s linguistic heritage.

The Norwegian language shares similarities with other North Germanic languages such as Swedish, Danish, and Icelandic. However, Norwegian has its own distinct characteristics and pronunciation patterns. It is renowned for its melodic sound and unique intonation.

Norwegian has a rich literary tradition, with notable authors like Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun making significant contributions to world literature. It is also a gateway to Norwegian culture, history, and heritage, allowing learners to delve deeper into the country’s fascinating traditions and customs.

Whether you’re interested in exploring Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, connecting with its warm-hearted people, or expanding your linguistic horizons, learning Norwegian opens doors to a world of opportunities. From business prospects to academic pursuits and personal enrichment, the knowledge of Norwegian can enhance your experiences and connections in this captivating Nordic nation.

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Unveiling the Best App to Learn Norwegian:

When it comes to learning Norwegian, having an engaging and effective language learning app can transform your language acquisition journey. Let’s explore the top contenders in the market and compare their features in the table below:

App Name Features Price Rating (out of 5)
Duolingo Gamified lessons, vocabulary building exercises Free (In-app purchases available) 4.5
Babbel Structured lessons, real-life dialogues Subscription-based 4.3
Memrise Flashcards, mnemonic techniques Free (In-app purchases available) 4.2
Rosetta Stone Immersive approach, speech recognition Subscription-based 4.1
Drops Vocabulary-focused, visual learning Free (In-app purchases available) 4.0

*Note: Ratings are subject to change based on user reviews and updates.

  • Duolingo: If you’re a fan of gamified learning, Duolingo is the perfect companion. With its interactive lessons and playful exercises, it makes learning Norwegian feel like a game. You’ll build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and gradually progress through different levels of proficiency.
  • Babbel: For those seeking structured lessons and real-life dialogues, Babbel is an excellent choice. It offers comprehensive language courses designed by language experts. Babbel focuses on practical communication skills, helping you engage in conversations confidently.
  • Memrise: If you love using flashcards and mnemonic techniques to memorize vocabulary, Memrise is your go-to app. It employs spaced repetition and audiovisual learning to enhance your language recall. You’ll find yourself effortlessly remembering Norwegian words and phrases.
  • Rosetta Stone: Known for its immersive approach, Rosetta Stone provides a language learning experience that mirrors natural language acquisition. It emphasizes listening and speaking skills, using speech recognition technology to improve your pronunciation.
  • Drops: For a vocabulary-focused learning experience, Drops is an excellent choice. Its visually appealing and interactive interface makes learning Norwegian words and phrases a delightful experience. You’ll expand your vocabulary while enjoying vibrant illustrations.


After weighing the options, it’s clear that the best app to learn Norwegian depends on your personal preferences and learning style. Duolingo offers gamified learning, while Babbel focuses on structured lessons. Memrise utilizes mnemonic techniques, and Rosetta Stone provides an immersive experience. Drops, on the other hand, is perfect for expanding your vocabulary.

Remember, the key to successful language learning is consistency, dedication, and practice. Whichever app you choose, make sure to immerse yourself in the language, practice speaking with native speakers, and explore Norwegian culture.

So, embark on your Norwegian language learning adventure with the best app that resonates with you. Embrace the beauty of this Scandinavian language, uncover the mysteries of Norwegian grammar, and get ready to impress with your newfound language skills. Lykke til (Good luck) on your Norwegian language journey!

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